We're pleased to offer the following services at Snook Veterinary Clinic


Appointments are a must !!!  No appointment is "set in stone" until your request is confirmed by my office.  I will always attempt to accommodate your requests to the best of my ability.  If you feel you have an emergency with your pet or farm animal, please call the clinic during regular office hours to let me know your concerns.  After finding out what emergency your pet or farm animal has,  I can be ready to help your animal when you get to my clinic or when I arrive at your house or farm.  If you come to my clinic with an emergency without calling me first there will probably be a delay in being able to get your animal seen.  I readily accept house call appointments for both Large Animals and Pets. These appointments are a big part of my practice. 

Emergency & Urgent Care

My after hours and/or emergency phone numbers are  979-218-5086  or  979-272-1323.           Emergencies can be things such as snail bait poisoning, hit by car, and chocolate ingestion as well as dystocias (birthing difficulties) or seizures.  If you ever feel that your pet needs emergency treatment, do not hesitate to call me to discuss your concerns.  If your pet recently had surgery at my clinic, any concern about the surgery or surgery site(s) needs to be explored.  My motto is, " It is better to be safe than sorry" when surgery questions arise.  

Types of Pets Seen

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Pigs
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Horses
  • Cattle

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Office Hours

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Snook Veterinary Clinic Office


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Feedback From Our Clients

  • "Frank and Marsha are the best! The Snook - Tunis metroplex is their home turf, for both big and small animals , with prize winning jackasses for the rodeo their specialty..."
    Kyle G.
  • "Cant say enuff good stuff about Doc Stein... she was there every time I needed a vet .. wish I could’ve brought her w/me when we moved back to our farm in east Texas !"
    Jo E.
  • "Dr. Stein goes above and beyond to help out her clients and their animals. She was our vet for 7 years while we lived in Snook and in that time she cared for our dogs, cats, and goats. I wish we could of brought her with us!"
    Megan M.

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